Kimi ga matteiru


I am off again. This time to Honshu island of Japan. Just heard on the radio earlier today that Barack Obama will be visiting from next week. Hmmmm….. adakah kita ingin pergi mengendap, buat-buat sibuk? 😛

I don’t like packing for winter. For starters, my winter clothes are pretty much the same stuff I’ve had since the late 90’s, with a few recent additions. Secondly, they take up so much space! In the end, I packed just enough for a few days but still ended up with a full luggage. Ah well.

– – –

There are people to meet, football match to watch, food to eat (of course) and onsen! I just hope the wind won’t freeze my face.

Back in 10 days.


5 thoughts on “Kimi ga matteiru

  1. coy says:

    Yes, let’s become paparazzi! 😉

  2. hanny says:

    turun tak Kyushu?Aku tunggu weh!:)

  3. kirim salam kat cocoy !

    bon voyage,….

  4. norzu says:

    Lin: thanks. the weather’s been good so far. harap tak makin sejuk
    hanny: jauh la Kyushu, next time pulak
    nora: arigato!

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