I (don’t) think

I have been very unproductive last week. Seriously, I didn’t feel like writing or doing anything else for that matter. Yes, I managed to put up some photos from the Monsoon Cup but that’s about it. I had to force myself to think when I usually think too much. It’s like my brain decided to shut down the whole week for anything beyond holding the TV remote control and playing Mahjong Titan on the computer.

This week should be different. I think

– – –

Speaking of not writing, I somehow managed to set this up. I am struggling to fill it with decent content so please bear with me. With the new site now online, I might not write here as much but this blog still has its own purpose, for now at least.

– – –

Congrats again, Abang!


2 thoughts on “I (don’t) think

  1. u da mah jong Queen! soon im on the berry berry side like u 2! hehehe

  2. norzu says:

    Mari-mari kita berBerry 🙂

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