A Christmas bundle

Noah Luqman

Presenting Noah Luqman. His no. 1 fan wanted him to be born on the 24th, but he decided 1.42am on Christmas morning was a good time to be out. I am officially a mak long.


9 thoughts on “A Christmas bundle

  1. aishah says:

    So comel ! Congrats

  2. coy says:

    Yay! Nor dah jadi Mak Long! Congratulations! He’s super kawaii! 😀

  3. Ikmal says:

    Congrats Mak Long! Pls send my warm wishes & congratulations to Jaja too 🙂

  4. norzu says:

    terima kasih, arigato, nandri, thank you, xie xie ni! mum n baby (and daddy) are fine, although the sleepless nites have begun!

  5. Sherry says:

    Congrats Mak Long! That’s a heart-breaker you have there!

  6. i guess noah can look forward to presents even if he doesn’t celebrate christmas =D

    congratulations mak long!

  7. Noah Luqman. What a name. Luqman is after the 31st Surah of the Quran. Named my first born with that name after reading the surah’s history and spirit behind it.

    Congratulation Mak Long, and now run along to Toys R Us and buy me everything *evil laugh*

  8. weween says:

    hyee nor! congratulations.. noah is such a handsome boy =)

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