Dangerous when wet

It was a phrase I came up (or was it our fearless leader? I can’t remember :)) with during my gila sailing years of high school. Heh. I actually said it out loud earlier today while walking in the heavy rain. The umbrella was not much help, only my head was dry. It felt good, though. The water was cool and I always like to walk around my neighbourhood’s commercial areas, even only to see if my favourite pakcik cendol was around.

– – –

Anybody knows anyone in either Santiago, Rio De Janeiro or Buenos Aires? I’m looking for people I could meet up for coffee or tea with when I’m in those cities in April. You know, to talk football or tennis or whatever. Fernando Gonzalez is on the top of my wish list.. šŸ˜›


3 thoughts on “Dangerous when wet

  1. dillazag says:

    yeah, that..

    explosive when dry, kan?

  2. eddycute says:

    omigawd… DWWEWD!! lol….

  3. norzu says:

    only teenagers can come up with such stuff, eh. *cover malu*

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