For the past 10 days or so, most of my breakfast, lunch and dinner were spent watching tennis. Australian Open 2010 to be exact.

Last night, I was trying to pacify the crying nephew when Rafael Nadal retires due to an injured knee. Just now, Davydenko’s winning streak ended after losing to the top seed in a four-set match.


On the other hand, Justine Henin is still there in her first grand slam after coming back from retirement and TWO Chinese players are in the semis. That’s actually pretty awesome.

– – –

I’m leaving in a month. The route is kinda set, looking forward to meeting old friends and getting lost in strange places!

3 thoughts on “Sebulan

  1. Nor,
    Do you play tennis or just love watching tennis game? Back in my younger days, I loved watching tennis tournaments. I never had a tennis racket in my hand, but I had this fleeting moment in my head that I would be enjoying it if I ever played it. My favorite player back then was Gabriella Sabatini.

  2. norzu says:

    Kak Siti: I took tennis for 3 semesters in uni, and I used to play for fun, ages ago. Even before that I love watching the sport. Sabatini is a name I haven’t heard in years!

  3. Lin says:

    I kinda need to get lost in strange places too! Really wish i could ikut you.

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