How to say goodbye

“Leaving isn’t quite the same… she said to me… as running away” goes the first line of the song. Brilliant opening, no?

– – –

A friend, in response to me telling him of my upcoming trip, said that I sounded like I was gravely hurt by an event or a sequence of events. I was touched by his concern, understandable since we’ve not been in touch regularly.

I dunno, I agree with Paul Tiernan because running away isn’t going to make your problem(s) disappear. I’ve faced most of mine and somehow the sequence of events just lead to my decision to do this now. Partly out of necessity, partly because I want to.

And also, getting lost is a recurring theme in my life so taking a year off to do just that is not an excuse to not work but to actually find again the joy of writing. I need to make serious writing fun again. If that sounds like an oxymoron, so be it. When it ceases to be fun, I’m in trouble because I can’t see myself not writing.

4 thoughts on “How to say goodbye

  1. jazzmatazzed says:

    Where are you going Nor????

  2. norzu says:

    saya nak pegi merantau. hehe.

  3. biddig goodbye in a way is saying that ill cu later. ill cu in 5 months,insyallah.
    i know ull have fun.
    congrats for getting to fulfill ur dream. jalan2 is the best thing in life.

    i thought i cud ikut u, but this year mcm sukar sikit nk berjalan.

    wish u all the best n getting lost is part of the journey.

  4. norzu says:

    thanks, king. have fun out at sea. i’ll see you when i see you!

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