Time out

I am leaving in 10 days. Next Sunday to be exact. That is quite soon. Can’t believe I’m actually going through with this. Heh.

In the next five months or so, I won’t be updating this blog much. I’ll still write, but mostly here. Hope you (yeah, the three of you there) would check in there once in a while.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “Time out

  1. dillazag says:

    it’s surely creeping up so damn quickly.
    must make that pappa rich trip soon.
    i’ll BB you and kak spain! 🙂

    oh, i think you have at least FOUR (including ME)

  2. eddycute says:

    dont forget to hantar postcards to me! i’ll see you at the end of your trip. 🙂

  3. norzu says:

    kak dilla: kena book saya cepat2. i busy person, you know. 😛

    eddy: i’ll see you by no later than 1st july!

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