I woke up this morning and realised I was in the wrong room. Don’t remember exactly how I ended up in my sister’s bed, but I do remember going to the toilet adjoining her room.

Never experienced that before, and it was quite disconcerting.

– – –

There were four of us at the table last night and the other three were all smokers. I arrived home with my hair smelling of smoke and throat a bit dry. Haven’t had that for at least 10 months. Surprisingly, of all the people I met on the road, only one smoked in front of me and it was a post-dinner puff one cool evening in DC.

– – –

A week of Syawal and I am quite happy with my level of food intake. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Sleepwalking

  1. Nor,
    You must be too tired to be bothered to go back to your room.

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