Seeking everywhere

For the past month or so, I’ve been helping a cousin with his English composition. Which is to say I give him topics to write about while I time and help with grammar, spelling and such.

Last weekend, I started to read The Scarlet Pimpernel again, and I wondered about the movie adaptation I had watched when I was in school.

Managed to find it on youtube, and also of Ivanhoe. That was also a good read and movie.

There were other adaptations that our teacher let us watch – Tess of D’Uberville, Daddy Long Legs, among others – after we’ve finished reading the books. It’s something to look forward to after a stressful day doing maths or memorising historical dates and events.

I don’t think book readers are the norm in day schools, except for the old institutions. I might be wrong.

2 thoughts on “Seeking everywhere

  1. coy says:

    Yeah, we didn’t have that in our kampung school. We didn’t even have the option to take Literature in English for SPM. đŸ˜¦

    • norzu says:

      coy: different schools have different focus and strengths. many put more priority on sciences so tak ada banyak humanities electives like english literature or art. kekadang sebab tak ada cikgu or ada sorang dua je students yang minat.

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