life is no nintendo game

I am bad at being around sick people, especially those I don’t know too well. I can stay for maybe five minutes but after that I won’t know what to say or where to look. I’ll end up sticking to the relatives or talking with others and not the person I went to visit.

– – –

It’s really sad to see him, just skin and bones, in pain. He’s a shadow of the boy I met some 15 months ago. I admire his courage, his mother’s strong will and I salute my friend who is constantly there for them.


One thought on “life is no nintendo game

  1. noreh jones says:

    ingat takmy fren yg tabi bito stay in yacht ?They will be here again.This 4th Dec,we will be sailing around JB..selat Johor dedekat Jb,and she glad if I could bring fren to join them.If you keen, let me know..
    012-755-0265 or +65-92388241..its on saturday..
    We would need to getgoing by late morning and would plan to return to Danga Bay in the
    late afternoon…(4th dec ) …


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