In appreciation of… time

1st Muharram had just passed and today is 01.01.11.

The past 18 months have been amazing, and I fear that I won’t be able to surpass what I’ve experienced during that time ever again. But then, life goes on and I should make the best of it regardless.

– – –

There has not been a good time to watch the night skies lately. Soon I hope.

– – –

“Whenever we meet, I feel good, refreshed, unlike when I meet my other friends. I’d feel old talking to them,” a friend said to me as I drove along Jalan Sultan Ismail heading towards Bangsar one night.

She was referring to the group that assembled in town earlier that evening, yours truly included. It was rare that all five of us were able to meet, due to either work, health or someone being overseas somewhere.

It really was good to see them, catching up, laughing at silly things and silly people and enjoying good food. Some things never change, even after 10 years.

– – –



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