One of the bad moments

In pain, but fought til the end

Photo nicked from here
I was stuck on the LDP near Kelana Jaya lrt station when I noticed a missed call and a BB message, Aishah asking me if I was at home watching the Nadal – Ferrer match.

It was another 20 minutes when I got home that I managed to watch the current World No. 1 struggling to play against his good friend who is in top form right now.

After a few more messages going back and forth, we met at Mosin, where I personally requested the channel be changed to 813.

It was painful to watch. Nadal was clearly hurting but was adamant to finish the match. Sedih siot.

The tennis career, you have higher moments and lower moments….
That’s part of the sport. Accept; keep working; try my best in the next tournament. That’s what I can do.

Read the full interview here

お大事に, Rafa.

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