Not sink plugs

1. For those who lives / lived / works / selalu lepak / loves / etc in TTDI, and you’re on Twitter, do check out @ttditv.
It was the idea of one of my orang kampung, a community-based interaction platform for anything related to TTDI.
A few nights ago, I was feeling bored and checked in only to discover a remembering-the-old-days session that was actually quite fun.

2. Also about TTDI. If you’re a resident and is againts the MRT project, there’s an online petition you can sign here.
Personally, I’m for the project, although I have some concerns on the planning and implementation.

3. Putrajaya’s main area was packed on Saturday, with local and overseas visitors. I went there with an American couple recently relocated to KL and we discovered that the Palace of Justice as well as the Putrajaya Corp building opposite it are very popular for photo shoots, namely of the wedding variety.
We left the Palace of Justice amused at the number of couples having their photos taken. Less than a minute after rain just poured down and we wondered if all those people got soaked in their rented costumes. I felt sorry for the photo crew, getting your expensive gears wet is no fun.

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