Here is good

A friend recently asked why didn’t I move abroad to live and work. It’s the question others have asked me over the years.

I don’t have a standard answer but it’s usually in the lines of I feel that I can do good here, in my own way. On another level, there is the issue of what I do for a living.

While I may consider myself a good writer or journalist here, but compared to those in the NY Times / Washington Post / FT / The Guardian or even the LA Times I’m not even close to making the cut as a tea lady. Well, maybe an assistant to the assistant’s tea lady.

Maybe I shouldn’t feel inferior but I do. That’s my PostSecret of the week. I’m afraid I won’t make it anywhere else. Not that I’ve made it big time here.

Still, here is good. For now anyway. There are still many things to do here and I’m actually kinda excited about that. And I can whine about how the country is not perfect because I live here and because I can do something about it, in my own way.

Besides, the staff at the local kuey teow goreng place knows me by sight already. Heh.


One thought on “Here is good

  1. Dhahran Sea says:

    Cudn’t agree more with you! Been working in Saudi & UAE for past four years… and finally I decided to come back in June last year.. now working at “ulu” Muadzam Shah, Pahang… BUT, as you said, “here is good”… ada nasi lemak, roti canai, masak lemak cili padi… you name it!

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