Angry earth day

The image of the tsunami water enveloping Miyagi-ken was scary but I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv. Names of places affected like Sendai, Fukushima, Shirakawa.. all too familiar.

– – –

Coy was online for most part of the first couple of hours. Even called me up. I can’t imagine how she was feeling, talking on the phone during never ending aftershocks. It’s a relief to know she has electricity and internet access.

Sean, Megumi and their girls are safe in Fukushima. He was waiting in the car to pick up Hiroko and Ria when the earthquake started. In his own words, in an email sent 30 minutes ago:

It felt like a very strong wind (from in my car) at first, thenthe swaying got horrible. Hard to walk outside, actually. The children said they first took shelter under their desks in the classrooms and were led out to the soccer pitch after the initial shaking had subsided. Many were crying, as were some parents who’d also come. Megumi’s school lost power, but she called a few hours ago. The highway’s closed, as are damaged sections of some roads, so we’ll have to wait more before she’s home.

As for Aya’s family, I am hoping they’re safe in Sendai. I don’t have their address or phone number. Managed to find Aya’s work number in Guam but she had just started her leave and can’t be reached. It didn’t help that Guam was also on tsunami alert. Hoping for the best.

Mariko-san was at home everything is fine, apart from the gas and elevator not working. Her husband is not so lucky, being stuck in Tokyo city and may have to camp there for the night.


– – –

Sato-san, Takahashi-san, 松野ゼミと斎藤ゼミのみんな、無事でいますように。

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