A fighter til the end


I first met him in August 2009. It was not long after Mike’s passing and I was contemplating to leave the newsroom to pursue my crazy little project.

After our first meeting, I kept in touch with him and his family members, namely his mum, sister and two brothers, and they warmly took me in.

I remember once I drove him and the mother to the hospital for an appointment and was made to wait for over two hours. I sat with him so that his mother could have her breakfast. He was really skinny at the time and was nodding off. I had him half lying in his seat with his head on my lap. He never complained, unless the pain was unbearable.

He passed away yesterday evening, after three years of being sick with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The final send-off was efficiently quick and while the mood was melancholic, I felt relieved. That he is not in pain anymore. And I was relieved that my last image of him was a good one. He smiled, laughed even. And he asked for a massage.

Davie thinks that it was his way of telling me how much I meant to him. 😦

I might have posted this before, but this was him two years ago.

Note how when he was talking about his mother, he said he wanted to make her happy. Coming from a sick teenage boy, that puts even myself to shame.

He was from a low income family but he was so decent that when he received help he still put other people’s needs before his. Like giving money to his relatives to have their house repaired. Or sending his mother to the dentist for a set of new teeth so that she could smile with confidence.

RIP Hazim. Thank you for your friendship. You don’t have to worry about your mum, she’ll be okay.


5 thoughts on “A fighter til the end

  1. coy says:

    I heard a lot about him from Davie, you and my sisters, I can’t believe I’ve never met him. Not even once. R.I.P. Hazim.

  2. norzu says:

    To me, Hazim is a reminder how other people have it worse, and that not having stuff I don’t need is actually a good thing. iPad? Keta lawa? Designer handbag? They mean abso-effing-lutely nothing in the bigger picture

    • coy says:

      Yeah, true, those things mean absolutely nothing. But, while you were waiting for over 2 hours at the hospital, didn’t you wish you were a VVIP of some sort?

      I remember when the hospital in Melaka refused to do anything on Afiq because they didn’t have a neurosurgeon and his condition was deemed too unstable for a transfer to KL, I told Elle, kalaulah aku kaya I could’ve flown Sanjay Gupta to the hospital!

      Well, anyway, if money can save life, rich people will never die?

  3. bluehikari says:

    Turut berduka cita. Alfatihah untuk Hazim.

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