Reflecting on one’s self

You are attractive, but even if you were to go into a bar alone and sit at the bar, I don’t think many guys will approach you. There’s something about you that is stopping guys from doing that.

I was a shy kid. An introvert who read a lot and kept diaries since I was 12. Keeping things inside is second nature, and I guess that won’t change much.

However, being told that I’m difficult to approach by two different guys in a week was a bit disturbing, especially when one of them is a close friend, who gave the above analogy.

Maybe the “Do Not Disturb” sign is permanently stuck on my forehead.

Still, it doesn’t explain why I always get the weird ones trying to chat me up. 😛

I’ve been told in the past that I seem stand-offish around strangers but it’s actually the shyness coming out. There were times when I wished I had talked to people I thought were interesting but was afraid they’d prefer the company of others.

Ah well. I am who I am.

– – –

色々ありすぎて、あっという間。 これからはゆっくりいこう。


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