After ten years…

I’m supposed to be working. Yes, on a Saturday. I have CNN on in the background, which is showing a TIME’s special on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It’s a series of stories told by people whose lives were entangled in the horrible events of that day.

– – –

My first ever trip to New York some six months after that fateful day was a personal milestone for me. Not only I was able to immerse myself in the city I’ve only ever seen in movies and tv series but I got to see the aftermath of 9/11 with my own eyes.

Revisiting post-9/11 NYC

Revisiting post-9/11 NYC

– – –

When I was back in the city in 2007, the vicinity of ground zero had changed, although reminders of what happened in 2001 were still there.


– – –

The waiter-turned-famous-author wrote his 9/11 experience here.
Good stuff that one.

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