Staying foolish

It’s just after 10pm. Most of us would have known about the passing of Steve Jobs by now. Since morning, I’ve seen flashes of news clips featuring him on tv and the radio, as well as innumerable tweets of his famous quotes and tributes being piled on about the man, one of the two original Steves who made technology sexy.

The quote “Stay hungry, stay foolish” is one of the popular ones flying around and I guess my favourite of Mr. Jobs’ many memorable lines.

I don’t consciously follow the advice but I just realised that I’m bad at routine, desk-bound jobs.

In the BT newsroom, there was a different story (almost) everyday, different people to harass, different company function to cover. Unless you’re on market watch, but even then it’s only for a week at a time.

I dabbled with administration work, but ultimately, I didn’t last that long. I guess it’s also part of being human. Never satisfied with what you have and all that.

Outside of working life too, I looked for ‘thrills’ that I enjoy. Sailing, travel and books, among others. And getting lost. That’s fun. Except in Buenos Aires, you wouldn’t want to get lost there.

After the awesome adventure I had last year, I made the decision to embark on a new one recently by joining the Navy’s Volunteer Reserve unit. Dalam BM, Pasukan Simpanan Sukarela TLDM. Well, actually, they accepted my application to be a reservist.

In the last two weeks of September, while many were still celebrating Syawal, I was in Pulau Indah undergoing initial training to be an officer in the reserve unit.

It brought memories of almost 20 years ago (ya, saya agak tua). Good times, definitely. However, I was reminded of how different I am now physically compared to when I was 16 and it’s not just how much I weigh, ya.

Luckily, most of the people in my group were in the same age group as I am and we got away with some of the outdoor tasks.

In the classroom, I was re-introduced to the Navy and the workings of the organisation, which I only knew very vaguely before.

Then there was the ‘eat square’ part. I’ve only done it once before, a lifetime ago. It was way different this time, what with an officer watching you eat nearby. In a way, it was kinda fun, despite not being able to fully enjoy the food. And the food is always the best at lunch time.

People who don’t know me that long will usually ask why now, why not join the reserve, say, 10 years ago.

10 years ago, I was busy in the BT newsroom, which I still consider the best place I have ever worked at. I did manage to sail on Tunas Samudera but never considered being the in the Reserve. Actually, I never knew civilians could apply directly.

Now, although I’m not in the best physical condition, I have the time to do this. My sister commented that I’m weird like that. I guess I am. Because normal is boring. And being foolish doesn’t mean that you’re a fool.


7 thoughts on “Staying foolish

  1. noreh sakura says:

    tanned ahhhh?

  2. coy says:

    Gambar in uniform please… πŸ™‚

  3. kudo says:

    hoho. great minds think alike (with reference to latest blog titles in our respective blogs – well, almost). πŸ˜€

  4. […] concerning my diet and keeping fit. The latter I have started addressing, now that I’m in the Reserve but the former is more difficult to […]

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