The blood in your veins

Found this link at Coy’s.

I’ve been donating blood since 1995. My world history teacher, Miki Sensei, told us in class that he donated blood regularly after he had an accident where he needed blood transfusion. I became curious and when the Blood Bank had a donation drive in UM, I signed up. Even in Japan I managed to donate at least once a year.

The unit had a blood donation drive recently and most personnel took part. Personally, I guess military personnel will donate blood because who knows, they might need someone else’s blood in the future.

The video below is related to the BLOODRELATIONS project. Do watch it, and hopefully it will get you to think about this: Could you hurt someone who has your blood running through their veins?

3 thoughts on “The blood in your veins

  1. ayu says:

    this video is awesome. thanks for sharing

  2. idare2uudy says:

    dimana Miki Sensei ya…kibishii sensei datta,

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