Routinely chaotic

It has been a while, since I feel like writing more than two sentences and dish it out as a legit entry.

Tonight, as I was winding down after yet another long day, I thought about feelings. And how people make major decisions in life.

Like how a person can just break up with her boyfriend a week before their engagement do. Or how an old man suddenly thinks of his ex-wife now that he is alone again, forgetting their bitter separation over a decade ago.

Like how a family can consist of total strangers coming together due to all kinds of reasons and their bond is sometimes stronger than blood relatives.

– – –

It seems that the short year-end getaway is not able to sustain me for very long. Already I feel stretched and weary of the work that lies ahead in the next 11 months, despite this country being generous with its public holidays.

Except Saturdays. Well, minus the requirement to leave the house at dawn, that is. Wearing the uniform at least makes me feel like a real member of the Unit. And while I’m easy target given my position, at least people recognise me and running errands can be fun at times. I just need to remind them that I’m not ‘Nona’.

I just need Sundays for myself. And PostSecret. 🙂


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