Berlari-lari mencari pelangi

12 days at the Naval Base in Lumut. It felt really LONG, especially during the day. Rest periods were short enough that by the end of the first week, most of us were falling asleep while in line.

The officers and staff at KD Sultan Idris I were competent and professional enough, kind even. They can be strict but you can always approach them for advice. That’s something the new officers (still under training, mind you) should learn to follow, instead of acting like they’re all that.

And showing a Bollywood movie during training? Unacceptable. True, it was a good break from march drill or class but we could’ve used that time to actually study for our exam instead. Maybe if you had screened a movie with actual military-related storyline I wouldn’t have felt so disgusted.

There were so many things they could have picked up on how to be better officers but they were too busy focusing on the so-called fun stuff which I thought were corny and mostly silly.

Silliness aside, the highlight of the course came in the form of KD Sri Indera Sakti, on which we sailed for a day.

Another sailing day

It felt so good to be on board a ship again, with favourable weather and good company. Well, mostly good company.

So. My face and arms are 5 shades darker, the swelling in my ankles is receding and I think I’ll need a week to recover physically from this adventure.



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