My voice is sexy again

Which means I’m coughing and have a stuffed nose. It’s still only February and I feel like I could rest for a year. Or at least a month. The perils of proper employment. Haha.

– – –

Earlier this month, when my voice was not quite as sexy as today, I managed to read some lines in front of some very important people without stumbling much. That was quite an experience, being a last minute replacement because the originally designated MC couldn’t pronounce some words and I was horrified enough (because the VIP guests were really, very important people in the RMN) to offer help with his text. 7 hours to make the text my own, get the names and intonation correct and not disappoint the KFA who thought I could do it. And sleep and clean my uniform in between all that.

Fortunately, the ceremony was short and was over before all the trainees fall asleep in front of the admiral and other dignitaries. Lega.

– – –

It is going to be a long week. Again. 頑張らなきゃ。


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