New assignment


It was an unexpected phone call, followed by an unexpected news. I received the official appointment last Saturday, from the XO. It is an honour and not something one can refuse, although technically one can. Like Faris said, “What valid reason could you give to say no?”.
This may seem a small appointment to many but to me it is quite a major thing, seeing that I am a newbie of less than 6 months and have a whole load to learn.
すごくうれしいけどね。Definitely a big boost to my confidence. Takut pun ada jugak.


7 thoughts on “New assignment

  1. Ikmal says:


  2. drMm says:

    GRO ke PRO? haha jokes aside.. cool job 🙂

  3. sitiaishah says:

    This is a month too late, but congratulations on your new assignment. I’m so happy for you.

  4. […] of admirals and senior officers.  With that, I left Lumut on a high note.  Then the unit made the appointment, and the Reserve Director once called to offer me a job but since I’m busy the Alumni, I had […]

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