Mikhail Youzhny, David Ferrer.  French Open 2012.  Saw Youzhny play at Wimbledon 2010.  #WE2020.  Cantik. Interesting concept.  Mr. Jones by Counting Crows.  Man, I love that song.  Ferrer is two sets up and leading in the third.  Clay specialist.  WPNS.  Still not done with that.  The King’s birthday.  1Utama is jam packed, as with all the other malls.  People like the air conditioning, rather than sweating outdoors.  Too hot.  Cold drinks in high demand.  Barli ais sounds pretty good right now.  King 2Hearts.  Fermentation Family.  Takenouchi Yutaka.  My favourite people are back.  Well, a few of them.  Good to see them.  To to hear from them.  Ferrer wins, goes into the 4th round at Roland Garros.  I miss Paris a bit.  And Budapest.  The weather there should be lovely now.  Euro 2012.  Wonder if I’m able to follow the tourney.  I miss the beach.  Terengganu beach.  Pulau.  Must. Go. Soon.  Kvitova is playing well.  I like her.  Li Na has her right knee strapped.  My left knee creaks.  Need to start training again.  Year 2 Course is in July, the week before Ramadhan.  Need to pass swimming test.  Anyone knows where to buy dark blue overalls?  Need to practise, improve my non-existent stamina.  At least if I’m lucky enough to be commissioned early, then no one would point out that I haven’t done the swimming bit.  Must take leave last week of June.  The beach is waiting.


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