I can’t survive on just memories

There is no truly “right” way of writing, painting, being or thinking, only things which have happened before. People who tell you differently are assholes, petrified of change, who should be violently ignored.    From: I Wrote This For You

– – –

A number of photos were shown to me over the weekend, some old, some new but holding significant to events of yesteryears I wasn’t able to recall.  Maybe it was my friend’s to still feel connected to me.  With another couple, the conversation topic was more current with more emphasis on the now and beyond, what with the addition of baby Dash in their family unit.

It’s not wrong to reminisce but I guess I don’t like to look back so much now, to think of what I used to do or what kind of person I used to be.  Because I can’t go back, I can only move forward.  One step at a time.

– – –

Restlessness has returned, making me feel like I’m entitled to more than I’m receiving, that I’m unfairly compensated for the tasks I’m supposed to do.  *sigh*  I have to keep reminding myself that the day job pays the bills and enables me to be a naval reservist.  6 more months to go before my contract ends and I need to hang on until then.


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