Pegawai Kadet Tua

Another 2 weeks at KDSI I, and I guess I fared better this time.  Not as harried as the first time and my legs didn’t suffer as much which was great.  It was partly due to my improved stamina (I think) and I was mentally better prepared this time.

There were familiar faces and new ones too, what with the CO and CI just assumed their positions at the college.

Another sailing trip on board KD SRI INDERASAKTI, overnight this time.  With less people, the voyage was more enjoyable and relaxed.

Ramadhan started on our first weekend there and it was another different experience for me, and the rest of us too I’m sure.  Having marching drills while fasting is certainly tough, especially when the sun is up overhead.

For my group of trainees, it was good that the majority of us were from the previous course in late Jan/early Feb.  10 out of 13 to be exact.  That made things so much easier.  Well, the annoying ones will always annoy but that can’t be helped.

So two courses over.  Now to prepare all the necessary paperwork.  And pass the swimming test.


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