A double dose of The City

I picked up another Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s collaboration – Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – a few weeks ago.  After Nick and Norah’s one night of adventure in early spring New York City, this time the setting was winter.  Specifically, Christmastime.

The main characters are younger than the straight edge, music snobs that are Nick and Norah and the story has a totally different setting.  What made me chose the book? Three things: New York City, Strand and a red Moleskine notebook.

It’s a pleasant read, with enough literary references to satisfy (and mistify) the nerd in me.  The story also made me wish I had met with a ‘snarly boy’ with a love of the Oxford English Dictionary when I was 16.  Heh.  That and a longing to experience New York City in winter.  Well, maybe for just a short while, before I freeze up from the cold.

Just before Eid, I re-read Nick and Norah’s story, which I thought had a more awesome ending than the movie, although I loved that version too.  It’s just that it would’ve been nice to have the scene where Nick and Norah were dancing in the rain made the cut to be on film.

The streets where both sets of characters from the two books roam differed quite a bit, except for Times Square.  I think.  While Nick and Norah’s adventure took place in one very long night (and early morning), Dash and Lily’s story had a longer timeline, but the speedy pace of both books is similar, which I also like.

It felt good to read made up stories that didn’t require too much thinking about heavy, real stuff.  Even if it was for just a couple of nights. And days.


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