What’s coffee got to do with it

Writing.  Something I’ve been doing since I was 12, starting with diaries filled with daily happenings and mundane teen stuff, then moving on to more mundane teenage-y experiences, which I’m sure at the time I wrote them were life changing or profound.  Heh.

I realised today that I’ve not kept a proper journal since the start of the year, which is surprising. My last entry was on 5 Jan, which was short and abrupt.  I remember the feelings I had while writing that sentence – shock, disbelief and sadness.

There were things I needed to accept as truth.  Yet, I couldn’t even put my thoughts down into words, which usually would help speed up the process.  I guess working non-stop this past 9 months had something to do with it as I had less time for moody spells or for my mind to just wander.

A muse.  I need one.  Or three.  Because there is no ‘mental edge’ anymore.


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