Work fatigue

You have the secretary general who refuses to take down minutes of meeting when his deputy is not around.  “Tak pa, biar setiausaha eksekutif yang ambil minit.” So I have to do YOUR job on top of mine?  Really, dude.

You get the annoying clown who says he’ll do everything but don’t, who only reads the top most message on a thread and then ask what’s it about, who asks repeatedly for a document to be re-sent because the attachment is corrupted when everyone else had not problem opening it.

You get people from another association asking you to do work for them.  Banyak la cantik.

You get the smarty pants who will ask all the so-called smart questions, which have been addressed long before.  Orang penat buat minit, kau tak baca.

When you work with PEOPLE, you get all sorts.  I think I have OD’ed on people this year.  Need. to. escape.

I have informed the boss that I won’t be renewing my (non-existent) contract when it ends in December.  Dah tak larat.


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