Another year.  It started with work, with some down time mixed in.   Nothing new there.

For the past 12 months, work has been the main feature of my life.  Not the only thing, though.  I have my favourite people and the RMNVR.  I have moments of pride, of contentment, of satisfaction.  If only there were more off days.  That was the only not-so-good thing about the past year.

I know there’ll be more work to be done in the next 12, with new challenges.  Because change is constant.  And I’m okay with that.  Just let me be myself, not someone you want me to be.  That time has long passed.  I am not a 16 year-old wide-eyed girl in awe with the world.  I may make mistakes, but they are mine to make.  I may make bad choices but they are also mine to make.  Just be okay with it.



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