Bersama angin

There is one 80’s song by Zur Eda that’s been getting a lot of airplay recently.  A new version, complete with rappers now.  I like the original, but the new version is not bad I guess.

– – –

Feelings.  Simple yet I make it hard on myself.  Always.  Because I cannot make myself forget about acceptable conduct, especially with you and especially now.  I guess I should thank my parents for living a public life for almost a decade.  And boarding school.  Heh.

I can’t bear to have people talk, and pass judgement.  Personally, I couldn’t care less.  But there are more at stake than my peace of mind.

– – –

I dreamt that you wrote me a letter.  A long one, although I barely remember what was written.  I just know that I felt relieved after reading it and then disappointed when I realised it didn’t actually happen.

– – –

Don’t be mad.


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