I wrote a letter two weeks ago. Three-and-a-half pages long.  Because I can be old-fashioned like that.  And because at the time, I didn’t know how else I could express my thoughts besides putting pen to paper.  It felt good, although my penmanship was semi-legible.  I hope the one receiving it would be able to make out what I had written.

I thought the timing was enough for the missive to arrive before everyone is off for Eid but I guess Pos Malaysia works in mysterious ways when it comes to standard mail.

A week can be a long time in this wired age and an unexpected text message has lead to communication channels being opened again, which made the letter not exactly redundant but surely will not achieve the intended effect.  Which was what exactly?  Errm.. no idea.

– – –

I could see you slowly opening up, although the brakes are still there.  I wish I could be as brave, but maybe I should give you the head start, checking changes in conditions before setting out myself.


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