It is just me bleeding

I don’t lepak with my very old friends as often as I’d like to.  Most of them aren’t in my time zone anyway so I’m mostly on my own, unless the hacks have time to meet up.  Cin, Sara and PK came to the house during Eid and it was a nice change from having to choose a public place where we’re charged to drink tap water.

Coy is currently here, due to a sad family matter.  While I wished the situation was different, it was nice to have her around and catch up.

– – –

I remember the passing of Comot’s mum was the first death of a friend’s family member in 1994.  We’ve left school and have started to go our separate academic ways.  Yet the girls gathered at her old house in Semarak, although I don’t remember being of any help.

In time, I learned what should be done at such times and tried to be more useful in anyway I could.  Sometimes it’s cleaning up after the guests have left and at others it’s taking a shift reading verses from the holy book or just staying close at hand should your friend or family member need you.

This week, I thought again of arwah Mike, Zooreq and adik Hazim.   The good die young.  Mike’s son would be the same age as Noah now.  I hope he’s growing up well and will someday know how much his mother loved him.

– – –

I thought the answer was clear enough yet my fickle mind plays tricks on me.  I know what is the right thing to do but there is a part of me that’s still being stubborn enough to have hope when I shouldn’t.

2 thoughts on “It is just me bleeding

  1. coy says:

    Baru nak check reader; dah lama gila tak baca blogs. Thanks so much Nor for coming over. We really appreciate your presence and help at the kitchen, susah-susah jek. Dahlah anak-anak sedara kerumun your keropok lekor macam piranha!

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