High on Procedurals

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over

Nicole Sobon

– – –

Kalau aku emo tengok House ke, paham la jugak, but getting emotional watching Castle?  And Criminal Minds?  I actually caught a bit of that episode a few months ago on tv before leaving for somewhere and it stayed with me until now.  I’ve never watched a full episode of Criminal Minds, just scenes while channel surfing usually.  But this one, I wanted to know what happened to Reid and his girl.  And it was a heartbreaker.

100.5 days.  That was all they had.  And they’ve never even met.  Only letters and phone calls.  I know, it’s fiction but I sort of get that kind of connection.  I guess that was the reason I had that episode in my mind.

– – –

Moving on.  Check.  Starting over.  Not quite.  I’m lying low for now, staying out of people’s way.  In other words, the F%^* off sign is back on the forehead.  I’ll be with my books, and my Monday night series, thank you very much.


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