Weekend sailing

Saturday 16/11

I opted the company of newly-arrived Fortissimo X and her crew instead of going for training.  Because I have been on land for too long after KDHT.

Fortissimo X
She was docked at the new RSYC marina in Pulau Indah, which is so much better than at the main club marina.

Fortissimo X

She’s not participating in this year’s Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta but Fuda-san thought it would be nice to take her out and watch the start of the race.  Plus, I got to be acquainted with the new Fortissimo, they had just arrived after 28 days of hard sailing from Okinawa. Fuda-san spoke about the trip here.

And they're off!

There was a bit of trouble with the jib after only about a half hour of sailing with the engine turned off. So we had to take the jib off and put down the main sail, turn the engine back on.

Anyway, I saw that the RMN had sent one entry – UTARID – for this year’s race.  She had an awesome start, leading the small pack of IRC 1 class boats.  It was not for long though, a boat with Russian sail registration gave chase just a few minutes into the race.

Heading out

UTARID is not doing very well after two legs, let’s hope she’ll do better in the final leg from Penang to Langkawi.


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