Girl (not) from Ipanema

Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing.

I’d have to learn how to dance first, though.

– – –

When I first got the confirmation in 2009 that we were going to Cape Town, it was quite difficult to wait for 12 months to actually go there.  This time around, things are a bit more subdued.  Many reasons for that, the economy is one, as the RM has softened against most currencies.  Having less disposable income to set aside because more is spent on petrol and household expenses is not helping my cause.

However, it is such a delicious thought to be able to just be in Brazil during the tournament, let alone watch a game in the Maracana.  I am already thinking of what to get the nephews this time around.  My vuvuzela is well used, meaning to say they’ve broken it into half and still use it to amuse us and themselves.

Mum and the sister asked if I’ll be writing a column again.  I don’t think so, since I haven’t even confirmed of when I’m going.  2 more weeks to go for that, although end of June is now the likeliest time.

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