It’s your day

Three of my squad members received their commission yesterday.  I’m really happy for them, finally being able to contribute and to be utilised as reservist officers.  The day should have been about them and the other officers getting their respective promotions but it was shadowed by #MH370.

In addition, I had people asking me about my own commission and why I wasn’t with the guys.  I know why, and having to explain it annoyed me somewhat.  It will happen in due time.  I hope.  No rushing, no pressuring whomever involved in the application process.

– – –

A friend had asked if I wasn’t called in to be in the SAR process.  I’m just a midshipman, with nothing to contribute.  But, if I had received the call, I’d go in a heartbeat.  Even if it’s only as a spell checker or to bancuh kopi.  Because it’s so much better than feeling helpless like this.

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