I close my eyes and hide

Dan Hill’s song has been playing in my head a few times a day for the past week.  We have reached yet another standstill and solution is no where to be seen so I know I should really let go.  However, it is a difficult task and my mind is very good at thwarting my efforts to not think of you.  And so I try again today, hoping that it gets easier with practice.

– – –

The park was full this morning with adults and not a kid in my line of vision.  There were aunties in their sarees and sports shoes walking briskly, an uncle walking at a slow pace with the help of a cane and two older gentlemen from opposite directions asking each other how many more laps until they are done with their own run.  I should go more often.

– – –

Appreciation for a job well done.  Always a good feeling.


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