I’m lost but I’m hopeful, baby

“I’ve been listening to old soppy love songs lately.”

“I think some of us will have those moments every now and then.

“Do you think we’ll eventually have the person we want?”

“I don’t know.  It’s not like I’m faring better than you in that department.”

“That’s why I asked.  It seems like an easy feat for many yet such a difficult thing for you and me.”

“Life’s not exactly fair most of the time, right.”

“Yeah.  And it’s not easy either.  What we have, we fought hard to get.”

“And some people just can’t appreciate what is theirs.”

“That’s the saddest part, isn’t it?  What we want is out of reach because others are not willing to let go of something they don’t even want anymore.”

“But you keep hoping.”

“But we keep hoping.”


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