If you were a sailboat

Why sail?

Because it is humbling and at the same time empowering. Humbled by mother nature, her whims can cause the most seasoned of sailors to succumb to defeat, reminding me of my own limitations when confronted with the elements. Empowering because I’d learn and re-learn the skills needed to navigate the waters and, to a certain extent, life.

One of my biggest fears ( and I do have a few of those) is to be seen as ordinary.  You know how you meet a person and have that feeling that there is more to that person than who he or she says she is?  That is what I want to be.  More than what I appear to be.  I can be a shabbily dressed makcik in t-shirt and bermudas walking around in slippers but I kickass at something not many are able to do.  I’m still not there yet, apart from my dressing.  But at least I could handle a boat.  Haha.


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