You and me are gone

The Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 had just ended with Team SCA crossing the finish line for the last time in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nine months of intense racing and now it is over.
One boat, Team Vestas Wind, ran aground on my birthday. It kind of made it personal to me, and it was such a happy moment when the boat managed to be rebuild in time for the Lisbon leg, and the team finished on the podium in Lorient in second place. What an awesome story that was.
I am quite sad now that it is all over. No more exchanging messages about who is leading or which boat is having what trouble. No more checking updates from teams and the official site at 2am (well, sometimes).
The magenta boat of Team SCA, Vestas Wind’s sky blue vessel, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s yellow, red and black colours, the fiery red teams Dongfeng Race Team and MAPFRE, Team Brunel’s dark green and yellow and Team Alvimedica’s heart-like logo. I’ll surely miss them all in the next few weeks, amid pressing deadlines, differing creative directions and pining for the sea.


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