Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

It is mentally discouraging when I am promptly paid for my tutoring jobs, which make up my weekly pocket money, while my main projects are slow in issuing out payments for me to clear monthly bills and other commitments. I do thank my lucky star for the regatta gig and the bit of savings I have.

I have never aspired to be rich but being broke is no fun, when you can’t even go to meetings because the car needs petrol and there are tolled roads everywhere. Things are not so bad in the sense that I am still able to do what I love but without the proper incentive in place, I’m not sure how long I could last.

– – –

The Ringgit have decreased in value against many major currencies. Not that I can afford to do anything right now, but plans made earlier in the year seem quite impossible now.

– – –

I really do want this book project to be a memorable one, something I could put on my shelf next to Tan Sri Azizan’s biography. And so the re-writing process continues…

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