The night we had until the morning

“I still remember that Friday evening, the last time we were here,” she finally said after recovering from the unexpected pit stop.

He continued looking at the stars but she noticed his smile.

“It was my birthday and you got hurt falling on the boat. Tomorrow is yours and since we’re back on this island, I wanted to bring you here before we leave in the morning.”

She thought it was the best birthday gift and said so. He stood up from the deck chair and walked the two steps to where she was sitting and hugged her. Her arms snaked across his back and stayed there for a while, wishing she did not have to let go. But she did, eventually. She felt tears at the back of her eyes and couldn’t stop them. He was surprised when she stood and walked to the edge of the water but didn’t immidiately follow her there.

“I left my heart here ten months ago and I think it will be here for a while longer,” she told him, wiping away her tears.

He took her hand and led her back to the car. That moment was all they had and she knew better than to ask for more.

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