Your head on my beating heart

I feel that life is unfair most of the time, but he had another view.

“Life is always fair, it’s just we’re too blind to see,” he said.

It was a late night ‘conversation’ about the goings on in our lives after a brief catching up session a few weeks ago. A major reveal led to the understanding of why the radio silence for almost a year.

I’ve never seen him show much emotion, and it was hard to gauge his feelings by the words typed out on the screen. But I’m glad he is moving on with life, wherever that takes him.

– – –

Am I moving on? I guess so. Only once that I had really thought of you in this past month. Make that twice. One was inevitable, the other was a reaction to something that I wished I could share with you, yet I didn’t. It didn’t kill me so maybe I am getting better at this.

– – –

We’ve been fighting all our lives yet nobody seems to want peace and keep moving on to the next war. Unrest is an opportunity, harmony only sets off another fight.

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