I’m not young anymore

The year 2016 ended on a really good note, in the sense that I had achieved some milestones I could be proud of, although I did not plan for them. Hah.

– – –

After a month into 2017, I still work on the 17th floor and I still have to juggle my finances to keep being in the black. A new writing gig meanwhile is wrecking havoc with my sleeping schedule. I guess I forgot that I am not a 23-year old cub reporter who could work 12 hours a day and live on coffee to sustain me. Forgetting things is one proof of this process people call aging. Hah.

– – –

Meeting an old friend after being out of touch for a long time is nice. It is also a reminder of our past, which is something we should not dwell on too much. Life happens, we move on. It doesn’t matter if we were the ‘what-if’ or the ‘one who got away’. It only matters if any of us still have unresolved issues, I think.

– – –

I am still undecided whether I should carry on with the Navy assignment or go back to be a ‘normal’ reservist.

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