50 things

1. Female

2. Oldest of three girls

3. Speaks English, Malay, Japanese. Would love to be fluent in Cantonese, Spanish and Arabic

4. Traveller – I just don’t like to fly that much

5. Lazy

6. Books are my constant companions

7. A Mac convert

8. The beach – YES

9. The jungle – NO

10. A semi-reformed fashion slob.  Work in progress.

11. Have a weakness for mushy love songs

12. I cry easily, when I’m sad, angry, or just plain tired

13. Dragon – Saggitarius

14. Hugs

15. Roadtrips!

16. Takenouchi Yutaka.  The voice, the face…

17. Jeans and t-shirt.  Occasionally the working white and blue

18. I am better at being friends with guys than having boyfriends

19. Sports freak, namely FOOTBALL, tennis and sailing

20. Crisp white shirt, blue jeans and glasses. *sigh*

21. Low tolerance for ignorant fools

22. Food is essential to my sanity and healthy state of being

23. Anthony Bourdain and Kitchen Confidential

24. Cape Town is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to

25. Friends are just too precious to lose

26. The Alchemist

27. The Lord of The Rings trilogy and the Riftwar Trilogy (Magician, Silverthorn, Darkness at Sethanon)

28. I’ve done a round-the-world trip.  Asia > North America > South America > Europe > Africa.  Crazy, surreal and a bit dangerous, but unbelievably awesome.

29. If I have a son, he will be named Moez

30. Most journalists are gossips

31. Don’t judge.  You won’t know the whole story

32. Pulau Perhentian.  If I could retire there…

33. I used to collect movie soundtracks. Not anymore

34. Writing – a job, a passion, an outlet to soothe the storms in my head

35. Thick hair, thick glasses

36. I think I look good in Navy uniform 🙂

37. My favourite number, this one

38. Chocolate

39. Cooking is not a problem. I just don’t do it that often

40. Hate cats. Or any other pets for that matter. Fish and hamsters can be tolerated

41. Trains are good. Sailboats even better. Long-haul buses are bad

42. Pen and paper.  Really.  Because digital is overrated

43. Intelligent conversations

44. Eternity For Men

45. I’m usually shy around the guy that I like. Not with my friends though. They usually forget I’m a girl

46. The shortest and fattest in the family – my sisters are the tall, skinny types

47. I’ve been in love. A few times. Didn’t like the ending(s).

48. The Mini (old and new) is the sexiest car!

49. I would go all out to help someone I care about

50. I’ve been to South Africa 2010!  Brasil 2014 did not happen. Next stop, KL2017

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