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I once wrote about things that turn people on.

It’s a really subjective topic, as like what people consider is sexy. The sound of a word, a sleek aircraft, a 40-footer sail boat or even a person’s appearance.

A guy friend once said that a girl in a baju kurung can be ten times sexier than one in a mini skirt and a tight top. I don’t know. Visually, it doesn’t match but hey, whatever works for you, dude.

A voice can be sexy, no matter what the person it belongs to is saying. Most of the time anyway. Ask me out to a ball game, that would just make my day. Heh.

And hands. Lovely hands.

I just read about a cook preparing a truffles risotto in here and that was sexy. My favourite celebrity chef can damn write! I want risotto too now..

Today’s menu

Anthony Bourdain is my favourite celebrity chef. He’s cool, eats almost anything and a New Yorker to boot. Oh, and he loves durian.

If I were to cook for people, I think I should stick with the very simple nasi putih and telur/ayam/ikan goreng, or the masak kicap variety or sambal tumis. Curry is possible, if I’m in the mood. I guess I’ve lost the ‘skills’ I acquired while living alone. I somehow know the theory part, yet can end up flunking the practical part of it.

I’m good at making drinks, though. Specifically, tea and coffee. Black that is. I’m lousy when there is milk involved. Once on board the KLD Tunas Samudera, I had to make black coffee for the officers, which lead to an interrogation and some pretty stupid episodes. But yeah, I was their official midnight coffee mixer for the voyage. Not that exciting when I think about it again.

So if you want me to cook, maybe it’s a better idea to eat out. Unless you want ikan kering with sambal belacan. Heh.

Making your own brew

Coffee Hut has become one of my favourite places to lepak with friends. It’s nearby, cosy and much cheaper than Starbucks. Although, the slow service could be improved.

For coffee lovers, this is a good read. From The Guardian, the journey of coffee beans, from Ethiopia to the supermarket and beyond.

To find the place where coffee began, you travel to Ethiopia, and drive out west, to the village of Choche, and then you abandon the car and follow a dirt track up into the hills. After a while, as the altitude increases, you strike off along a narrow, heavily overgrown trail. You hike along it for a quarter of an hour, and then, suddenly, you’re there: the physical spot where, according to nearly every legend, the stimulating effect of the coffee bean was first discovered, fuelling centuries of trade and war and politics and fashion, and giving birth to a world in which, today alone, approximately 2.5 billion cups of coffee will be consumed.

Sounds exotic, eh?

Maybe we could highlight the journey of Kopi Kemaman Hai Peng next.

Glorious food

Food is a topic that comes up in my conversations with people quite frequently. Partly because I usually meet friends over drinks, supper or anyone of the three main meals.

Last Friday, a colleague at the Bangsar office found this Bloomberg piece on Malaysians and their love for eating.

Actually, it was about the Malaysian Government being worried as more of its rakyat being obese nowadays.

One in five Malaysians is overweight or obese, with a body mass index of 25 or more. That’s higher than South Korea or the Philippines, according to the Ministry of Health. About 38 percent of Malaysian housewives are overweight, the highest among five Asian countries that include Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, a survey by market researcher TNS Asiapanel showed.


But somehow, that stats seem plausible to me. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see families with small kids eating out, at 2 blardy AM! Even on weekdays tau.

I guess the problem is not so bad outside big cities, where a 24-hour mamak/eatery is not exactly available. Still, it’s only a matter of time before that will change.

Eating is a Malaysian pastime. Yes, there are people who can actually consume a plateful of nasi lemak and still be hungry two hours later, AND doesn’t gain any weight from all of it. But most of us can do without the extra 500 calories we tend to accumulate from the 222 kuey teow sessions every Tuesdays. Heh. Jangan marah, geng.

Stuffed with ice cream

I couldn’t ignore Sashi’s post on the Haagen Daz thingy a couple of weeks back. So I made plans with Cin and PK to join me on a very sinful lunch date today.

Started off with a scoop each of Madamian Nut and Cookies n Cream. Then had a waffle with Belgian Choc and Vanilla. The chocolate was a mistake because it was too rich I almost couldn’t finish the waffle. But I did. Heh.

After a cup of coffee to wash the choc taste off, I asked for a scoop each of Green Tea and Vanilla. Couldn’t finish them, but I managed to eat a couple spoonfuls of PK’s Strawberry Sorbet.

So all in all, I ate about four and a half scoops of ice cream, one waffle and a cup of coffee. As Cin put it, “We broke even.” She didn’t just break even, cos she had SIX scoops, and three of them were Madamian Nut! Worth the RM33 she paid for it la kan.

How many scoops of ice cream can a person eat in one go anyway? Assuming that’ll be the only thing you’re having for lunch/dinner.