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Mark the date

The Telegraph’s take on the final in Rome:

Manchester United and Barcelona are not clubs but states, and both with a global citizenry. Each is bound to an identity forged over decades of high endeavour that has at its core an idea of how the game should be played; perfection through beauty. To chase glory through adventure is an obligation.

To see the players of both teams on the field… can’t wait!

Mentally jumping all over the place

It was she who received the email. Mine said:

We regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful.

Whatever lah. I am still going to the party! 😀

Am still jumping all over, wishing 15 months is just a minute away.

I’d better start my travel plans

World Cup 2010 tickets are on sale! The first phase to be exact, since yesterday.

It’s about 15 months to the tournament. Can’t wait!

Saya mau itu no11

Signed shirts

From‘s promo e-mail.

For someone who didn’t even make it to the Euro finals, Giggsy’s jersey is worth even more than Kuyt’s who actually went to the tournament. Heh. And Joe who?

– – –

To-date, I’ve only watched one full match of Euro2008. The opening games of Group A I saw bits and pieces, and most of the rest I just watched the highlights. Up til last Sunday. Now that I’ve moved, I’ve yet to watch anything as the housemate has her tv in her room and I don’t feel like intruding when she’s asleep. Plus, Portugal’s already out anyway.

However, I’ve got a standing invitation from Kak Yeen to go over to her place anytime and since she’s planning to watch the finals, I guess my viewing arrangment is settled.

Erm… go Spain?

Ryan the Red

Baca kat sini

An unprecedented ten championship wins, a PFA Team of the Century place, the greatest FA Cup goal ever, joint record FA Cup wins and the only player to score in every Premier and Champions League campaign. Not bad for starters

But Giggs – the first footballer to be immortalised in The Simpsons – is an endangered species. The last of a dying breed.

Any footballer that emulates Giggs’ accomplishment would be a freak in this rigorous world of 21st Century football.

Giggs, AC Milan idol Paulo Maldini and Real Madrid icon Raul are the greatest one-club men of their generation. Just look at their medals.

Bring on Chelsea!!!