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We found a spot on the beach, the bean bags were big enough for us to sit and lean back. I looked up to the sky and saw that the stars were already out. Two days and nights together, and it felt really nice to chill and reconnect and eat of course. It felt like a school trip, minus the uniform and annoying teachers.  Haha.

The conversations, the food, the laughter, even the tears.  Thank you for the camaraderie, for the love, for everything.

– – –


Boats and the sea

My first ever trip to KK. A visit to the naval base, which included the yacht club. Definitely my kind of place.

I can see myself sporting a healthy tan (rentung sebenarnya) and writing my Great Malaysian Novel there. In my off hours, of course.

– – –

I’m sometimes surprised at my constant need to be near the sea. And how I’d still want to set out sailing. But then I see people like Fuda-san who is his 60’s and have been sailing all over the world since his university days and I thought that it’s ok to feel like I do.

Berhenti 6 minit pun jadilah

10 days in Japan, with a very, very brief stop at Fukushima Station on the way back from Sendai.

6-minute stop in Fukushima station

It was kinda surreal, looking at some familiar sights through the windows of the shinkansen. Maybe because I was around teenagers too much at the time (seriously I was), I hopped off onto the platform, just for the heck of it. Don’t know when I’ll be there again.

I do miss Fukushima's skyline


Not sink plugs

1. For those who lives / lived / works / selalu lepak / loves / etc in TTDI, and you’re on Twitter, do check out @ttditv.
It was the idea of one of my orang kampung, a community-based interaction platform for anything related to TTDI.
A few nights ago, I was feeling bored and checked in only to discover a remembering-the-old-days session that was actually quite fun.

2. Also about TTDI. If you’re a resident and is againts the MRT project, there’s an online petition you can sign here.
Personally, I’m for the project, although I have some concerns on the planning and implementation.

3. Putrajaya’s main area was packed on Saturday, with local and overseas visitors. I went there with an American couple recently relocated to KL and we discovered that the Palace of Justice as well as the Putrajaya Corp building opposite it are very popular for photo shoots, namely of the wedding variety.
We left the Palace of Justice amused at the number of couples having their photos taken. Less than a minute after rain just poured down and we wondered if all those people got soaked in their rented costumes. I felt sorry for the photo crew, getting your expensive gears wet is no fun.

It’s been a week

While the weather had been great in the first five days or so, it began to rain last Wednesday, and we were driving up to Fukushima that very day. The overnight trip went well, thank God. After that, the chilly wind arrived and my nose decided to block itself, which made venturing out of the house a chore.
I do hope the weather would turn around again during my last weekend here. It’s been drizzling on and off so far. *sigh*

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Paul's prayers

Paul’s quite honest here, IMO. Taken at Ueno Toshogu Shrine

– – –

Have met quite a few old friends here. People I’ve known since 10-15 years ago. So it’s been good, and my host has been really great. A few more days before I go home. 10 days can go by really fast.